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Duncan E Wigan   (#29)   

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Frederiksberg  Denmark
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Copenhagen Business School
Associate Professor

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My research is embedded in global political economy with focus on international finance and international taxation. Currently, I work on four related areas; financial innovation, international taxation, activism for economic justice and multinational corporate organisation. I am co-edited volume ‘Global Wealth Chains: Managing Assets in the World Economy’ (Oxford, 2019) and co-authoring a monograph, ‘Global tax Battles: The Fight to Govern Corporate and Elite Wealth' (Oxford, 2019.)




2017           Baker, Andrew and Duncan Wigan, ‘Constructing and Contesting City of London Power: NGOs and the emergence of Noisier Financial Politics’ Economy & Society, forthcoming.


2017           Seabrooke, Leonard and Duncan Wigan, ‘Brexit and Global Wealth Chains’, Globalizations, Open access:


2017           Seabrooke, Leonard and Duncan Wigan, ‘Global Wealth Chains’, lead article for special section: ‘Global Wealth Chains’, Review of International Political Economy, 24(1): 1-26. Open access:

2017            Bryan, Dick, Mike Rafferty and Duncan Wigan, ‘Capital unchained: finance, intangible assets and the double life of capital in the offshore world’ for special section: ‘Global Wealth Chains’, Review of International Political Economy, 24(1):  56-86.

2016           Bryan, Dick, Mike Rafferty and Duncan Wigan ‘Politics, Time and Space in the Era of Shadow Banking’, for special issue on ‘The Shadow Banking System’ Review of International Political Economy, 23(6): 941-966.


2016           Seabrooke, Leonard and Duncan Wigan, ‘Powering Ideas through Expertise: Switchmen in Global Tax Battles’, Special Issue on ‘Ideas, Power, and Public Policy’ Journal of European Public Policy, 23(3): 357-374. Open access:

See Researchgate:




2016-2019  European Commission Research Director General, Horizon 2020 Framework Program, - ‘Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators (#727145-COFFERS)’, €4,987 million. Chief Scientist: Brigitte Unger. Grant co-authored with Leonard Seabrooke. Work Package Leader on ‘Corporate Form’ and ‘Impact’.


2015-2018   European Commission Horizon 2020,ENLIGHTEN: European Legitimacy in Governing Through Hard Times’, Researcher Work Package 2 Fiscal and Financial Sustainability, €2.5 million.


2012-2015  Norwegian Research Council Grant no. 212210 ‘STEAL: Systems of Tax Evasion and Money Laundering’ 2012-2015, Co-author, lead researcher. Grant augmented January 2013. Project involves 14 international researchers. NOK 7 million.


2012           European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop EW11-141 March 2012, Copenhagen Business School, Co-convenor, Co-author. €14,000.


2011-2015  European Commission Seventh Framework Programme, Grant no. 266809, ‘GR:EEN - Global Reordering: Evolution through European Networks’, Researcher in Work Package One: European Actor-Networks. €10.4 million.


2010-2014  European Commission Sixth Framework Programme, COST Action IS 0902, ‘Systemic Risk, Financial Crisis and Credit- the roots, dynamics and consequences of the subprime crisis’, Danish Country Representative, Short Term Scientific Mission Committee.