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Home2018 Workshop Breakout Session Participants

APPEAL – PERI Workshop

Political Economy and the Law

Political Economy Research Institute

June 14-15, 2018



Breakout Groups                                          Location

Environment                                                              309 Crotty Hall

Labor & Employment                                               209 Crotty Hall

Financial Regulation & Consumer Finance               114 Crotty Hall

Health & Social Welfare                                            311 Gordon Hall

Governing Digital Markets                                         215 Gordon Hall


Additional rooms available for any additional groups that arise: 201 & 301 Gordon Hall


Breakout Group Facilitators:


Environment:  Amy Sinden and Angela Harris


Labor & Employment:  Lenore Palladino and Jedediah Kroncke


Finance:  Pamela Foohey and John Haskell


Health & Social Welfare:  Ruqaiijah Yearby


Governing Digital Markets:  Jason Jackson


Breakout Groups Format & Goals:  Rather than formal paper presentations, we’d like these to be “working sessions” that can help develop political economy ideas & connections.  Groups will be asked to take notes and report back Friday afternoon.

  1. “Lightning round” introductions, aim for 3-4 minutes each, adding to your abstract, and any particular feedback you’d like, your initial thoughts on one or more questions below, or another issue for discussion. We’ll circulate longer papers to group members; send electronically by June 7 to Feel free to bring hard copies too.

  2. Questions for Friday plenary report (other thoughts welcome!):

What core principles and assumptions should guide analysis of this topic? 

            What are some key recommended readings or resources?

How can analysis and policy on this topic respond to a range of inequalities and divisions, such as race, gender, citizenship status, religion, family status? 

What specific policy reforms are most promising?

What questions would be most fruitful for further collaborative research & exchange?


(Suggested list:  Subject to change, as you wish! )



Facilitators:  Amy Sinden and Angela Harris

Frank Ackerman             

David Bollier

James Boyce

Oliver Braunschweig

Angela Harris   

Peter Dorman

David Driesen

Lily Ginsburg

James Goodwin

Tyler Hanson
Hannah Lawson

Itai Sher

Amy Sinden

Mark Silverman

Michael Ash



Facilitators: Pamela Foohey and John Haskell

Mehrsa Baradaran

Raphaele Chappe

Christine Desan

John Haskell

Gerald Epstein

Pamela Foohey

Jean Grosdidier

Kathleen Keest

Jennifer Taub

Karl Botchway

Lily Vo

Carol Heim

Thomas Herndon

Komal Vaidya

Nicole Dewandre

Jay Varellas

Nick Werle

Lua Yuille





Facilitators: Lenore Palladino and Jedediah Kronke


Brian Callaci

Ken Casebeer

Rohan Grey

Eric Hoyt

Jedediah Kroncke

Hannah Lawson

Gwendolyn McLaughlin

Kate Redburn

Mark Stelzner

Brishen Rogers

Raul Carrillo

Lenore Palladino

Mark Paul

Jamee Moudud


Digital Markets

Facilitator:  Jason Jackson

Frank Pasquale

Jason Jackson

Sandeep Vaheesan

Nicole Dewandre

Brishen Rogers

Mark Paul

Rohan Grey

Health & Social Welfare

Faciltator:  Ruqaiijah Yearby

Katherine Moos

Allison Hoffman

Martha McCluskey

Chloe Sariego

Julia Tomassetti

Nancy Folbre

Nell Sanders

Ruqaiijah Yearby

Gerald Friedman

Amy Kapczynski


Additional Participants:

Sudha Setty

Matthew Charity

Mariam Majd

Nikos Estratudakis

Nancy MacLean

Robert Pollin