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George J Aumoithe
Basic Information
Princeton University
Postdoctoral Research Associate
129 Dickinson Hall

Rm G01B

Princeton, NJ  
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Additional Information
About My Work
George Aumoithe earned his Ph.D. in history at Columbia University in 2018. His project examines how the political economy of Medicaid and hospital provision shaped the social, political, and thus material response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. His research interests encompass twentieth-century and contemporary U.S. history, civil rights law, public health, medicine, public policy, and comparative welfare states.
Professional Associations
Law, Difference, and Healthcare: Making Sense of Structural Racism in Medico-Legal History, Organizer; Law and Society Association, Ombuds; Membership in: African-American Intellectual History Society, American Association for the History of Medicine, American Historical Association, History of Science Society, International Network for the History of Hospitals, Labor and Working-Class History Association, Law and Society Association, Organization of American Historians, Society for the Social History of Medicine, Urban History Association