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Welcome to Appeal!

APPEAL welcomes members to join us in advancing law and political economy through research, education and policy.  Our interests and goals include:

  • Understanding the economy as a system interconnected with law and government
  • Questioning policies and theories that assume self-regulating or optimizing markets
  • Expanding the possibilities for policies responding to inequality, insecurity, and environmental destruction
  • Developing a law and economics that enhances democracy, justice, along with inclusive and sustainable prosperity.
APPEAL is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

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We welcome members! 
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Law and Political Economy  “Office Hours”

Upcoming Mentoring Session

Co-sponsored by LPE Project and APPEAL 

Who: We welcome law students and graduate students interested in law school teaching to join us for a small group discussion with faculty about research interests and career strategies. 

New date will be posted soon....

What is Capitalism?
APPEAL Reading Group


Welcome to new participants as well as those who’ve joined us over the last year.  We aim to provide an informal, interdisciplinary community for exploring the institutions and dynamics of capitalism, its legal underpinnings, and its changes over time and geographic region.  Readings will be sent in advance to those who register.  We also encourage participants to join APPEAL by signing up as a member,  For questions, email             






APPEAL has launched working groups for members and friends to explore a single topic in depth together on an ongoing basis, discussing readings, paper presentations and more.  These groups will provide an online opportunity for extended conversations and informal community-building while plans for in-person events remain on hold.   

The groups will be open to those who want to learn more about the topic as well as those with expertise.  Participants should aim to attend more than one session and to focus closely on the discussion material, respecting the group’s goals and others’ time and work.  Advance registration through APPEAL will be required.  

To participate in any of the groups and to get further details, click here.




Working Group Events:

Dates to be announced.



For 2022 Events please click here.