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Institute for New Economic Thinking (2023)

APPEAL Board Member Jamee Moudud discusses reframing economics by recognizing laws constitutes the economy in the first place, through relations of power.

Law and Money: Past and Present (2019)

Hear from the participants in the Law and Money Initiative (LaMI) Summer Academy, held at the University of Manchester in July 2019 and co-sponsored by APPEAL.

Five Things They Don’t Tell You About Law & Economics (2017)

Watch "Five Things They Don’t Tell You About Law & Economics", presented at the 2017 Festival of New Economic Thinking, Edinburgh Corn Exchange, UK, an event organized by the Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Rethinking Economics, and other groups. APPEAL (Association for the Promotion of Political Economy and the Law) participated in the event as a collaborator and exhibitor.