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The Member Directory allows you to view members. (Note that your own directory information can be updated by clicking the Profile link.) Begin by specifying a search value and clicking the "Search" button. The system will display matching members. If no search value is specified, all members will be displayed.  If there are more than 24 matching items, use the Paging controls to see additional pages. Click the member's photo or name to see the bio for that member. (If a down arrow is not displayed when you move your mouse over the photo, that member has chosen not to display a bio. Note that members can also choose to completely remove their names from this list.)
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Community Economic Development Clinic, Albany Law School
Senior Staff Attorney

My Work: APPEAL is developing the theoretical justification for the radical rethinking of economic practice t...[More]
University of Glasgow
Lecturer in Global Economy

My Work: I take a political economy approach to the study of corporate power. My current book project focuses...[More]
Sao Paulo Law Academy
President & Full Fellow Chair San Tiago Dantas

My Work: My research and publications deal with the themes of democratic building in the international societ...[More]

My Work: I am a graduating student of economics and entering law school Fall 2024 at UMKC. I have enjoyed stu...[More]
Law & Political Economy Project (Yale Law School)
Executive Director

My Work: I research and write about the rhetoric and processes of privatization. I draw on legal and critical...[More]
University of Utah
PhD Candidate

My Work: I received my education in Heterodox Economics, but my career in academia began as a law student in ...[More]
PhD Candidate

My Work: My PhD research focuses on the economic action of Belgian public authorities, with a particular focu...[More]
Cornell Law School
Dorothea S. Clarke Professor of Law

My Work: I have been writing about socialist feminism for some time and am in the process of writing a book o...[More]
Council on Economic Policies

My Work: I am a PhD student in Economics at the New School and a Fellow in Trade Governance at the Council on...[More]
University of Birmingham
Doctoral Researcher

My Work: My work is located at the intersection between Law, Development and Gender. In particular, my resear...[More]
New School for Social Research
Ph.D. Student

My Work: My work bridges a few areas of U.S. law and politics research, including constitutional law and cont...[More]

My Work: I'm interested in the intersection of law and political economy and foreign policy/US economic and p...[More]
Wayne State University Law School

My Work: My research is on property law and governance.
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

My Work: As a young professional in international business, political economy and law are vital areas in my s...[More]
Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy
Sociologist/Postdoctoral Fellow

My Work: TBD

My Work: Tackling the intersection of monopsony and worker rights
Sarah Lawrence College
Professor - Economics

My Work: I am a feminist political economist interested in the intersection of democratic political processes...[More]

My Work: I am interested in the role of law and the state in a capitalist society.
Canadian Labour Congress
Senior Economist

My Work: My dominant research concern is the translation of qualities into quantities. Questions about what g...[More]
Yale Law School

My Work: I am a law student focusing labor, voting rights, and state and local law.
Institute of International Relations Prague
Senior Researcher

My Work: Federica Cristani is a senior researcher at the Centre for International Law. She holds a PhD (with ...[More]
Edge Hill University

My Work: I am legal academic specialising in financial regulation, a field in which I have published widely. ...[More]
Harvard Law School
Professor of Law

My Work: My work explores the legal construction of capitalism at the institutional and ideological levels. ...[More]
European Commission
Advisor for societal issues

My Work: By critical metaphor analysis of EU policy documents, I unveil that EU policy documents speak of peo...[More]