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The Member Directory allows you to view members. (Note that your own directory information can be updated by clicking the Profile link.) Begin by specifying a search value and clicking the "Search" button. The system will display matching members. If no search value is specified, all members will be displayed.  If there are more than 24 matching items, use the Paging controls to see additional pages. Click the member's photo or name to see the bio for that member. (If a down arrow is not displayed when you move your mouse over the photo, that member has chosen not to display a bio. Note that members can also choose to completely remove their names from this list.)
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National Law School of India University

My Work: Currently a lawschoolite, I plan to work towards a career in social startups. I strongly believe tha...[More]

My Work: I'm currently a graduate student at Harvard and I'm researching the use of economic models in antitr...[More]
University College Dublin
Research Fellow

My Work: I examine the governance nexus of international finance and international development, drawing from ...[More]
Lead City University, Ibadan
Faculty Scholar

My Work: I am a faculty Scholar domiciled in the faculty of Law. I am in addition an adjunct at the departmen...[More]

My Work: Studying constitutional law at Ankara University. Writing a PhD thesis on right to property in terms...[More]
Bayero University, Kano

My Work: I teach courses, conduct research and present public lectures on media/communication law and ethics,...[More]
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Assistant Professor

My Work: My research focus is in corporate law, corporate governance, contracts, entrepreneurship and innovat...[More]

My Work: I have been working on migration law for many years and more recently I have been teaching internati...[More]

My Work: Attorney seeking to further understand Cryptocurrency, its use cases, applications, privacy concerns...[More]
Community Economic Development Clinic, Albany Law School
Senior Staff Attorney

My Work: APPEAL is developing the theoretical justification for the radical rethinking of economic practice t...[More]
Externado de Colombia University

My Work: I’ ve been working on alternative theories to understanding the powers dynamics of capital markets. ...[More]
Northwestern University
Graduate Student

My Work: I do research on antitrust (competition) laws, monopolies, corporate power, legal diffusion to devel...[More]
University of Glasgow
Lecturer in Global Economy

My Work: I take a political economy approach to the study of corporate power. My current book project focuses...[More]
Big Apple Coffee Party

My Work: My organization is involved in educating the public on issues like antitrust, single payer, trade is...[More]
Harvard University
Lauro de Bosis Fellow

My Work: I am a historian specializing in the commercial afterlife of Roman law in the early modern and moder...[More]

My Work: I think that my work fit the goals of APPEAL.

My Work: My interests include political psychology, international relations and law, political economy, and m...[More]

My Work: Studying law, economics/finance, tech and society
Law & Political Economy Project (Yale Law School)
Executive Director

My Work: I research and write about the rhetoric and processes of privatization. I draw on legal and critical...[More]
University of Amsterdam

My Work: Vladimir is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Transformative Private Law, University of Am...[More]

My Work: I am researching about companies and power and corporate political activism
PhD Candidate

My Work: My PhD research focuses on the economic action of Belgian public authorities, with a particular focu...[More]
Cornell Law School

My Work: I am working on a book on socialist feminism, after having published several articles on the same to...[More]
Washburn University School of Law

My Work: I research and write on topics related to markets, freedom, and equity in the law and our political ...[More]